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It is time for my ~biennial fic-posting event~ lol

Many of you are probably unfamiliar with this fandom. Though you may have no interest in ever reading this fic, I highly recommend watching the HBO series (and/or reading the book).

Title: A Crowd Is Not Company
Fandom: Generation Kill (AU)
Pairing,Character(s): Brad/Nate and others
Rating: R
Wordcount: ~32,000
Spoilers/Warnings: Very AU. Though I put some effort into researching this era, I'm sure historical inaccuracies and other errors abound, for which I apologize in advance.
Summary: AU, late 19th-century America. Nathaniel Fick arrives in the rural town of Mathilda, Iowa, to build a school. He boards with Brad Colbert, a local farmer, and Brad's six hired men.
A/N: This is for [ profile] trolleys, who has been beyond generous with her inspiration, encouragement, and patience ♥

Part One )

Part Two

Part Three


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