Date: 2010-02-08 02:44 pm (UTC)
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Oh, dear lord. This is absolutely lovely. I just. *hands* It's like Laura Ingalls Wilder! Possibly only because of the whole schoolteacher thing... BUT. I GET THAT KIND OF WONDROUS FEELING FROM IT. And your writing! It suits this era? this genre? I don't really know the term, but it suits whatever it is really well!

I am adoring Sixta in this, really. :3 Him as the Reverend is hilarious.

And the little subtle bits of Ray/Walt here! They made me wriggle in glee, even though I was sad at sick!Walt. Ray, though, I love that you described his huge, brown eyes because, really, JRansone has the most amazing eyes ever. /o/ And the bit where Ray ruffled Walt's hair and Walt looked after him fondly! *squee~* it's like, you can tell from there that this household is one that will totally be permissive of the eventual relationship of Brad and Nate.

OH YES, and I wanted to say that I love how you spend time to flesh out the characters of everyone here. And Walt~ /epic bias. And the slow peeling back of the status of the town VS Brad's household, with the unfairness and Brad's sadness and.

ALSDKJALSJG *bounces off to next part*
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