Date: 2010-02-06 11:21 pm (UTC)
This was perfect, from start to finish. Just, utterly gorgeous and bleak but with the tiniest slivers of hope, like light shining through at the end of the tunnel. I love this story.

Nate as a quiet, refined school teacher in the middle of the wilds of Iowa is a great opening hook, please believe. I can just imagine the opinions the town of Mathilda would have had about him, even if he had not been living on Brad's farm.

Brad, as the quiet, Spartan farmer is equally as compelling. The picture of him I have in my mind is tanned and too blonde from the sun, hard and wirey from work and life. It reminds me of him standing in that field in episode 2, watching the other man stumbling, confused, and how solemn Brad looks throughout the entire exchange. I can see him looking the same way, watching his fields burn.

The rest of the men are wonderfully in character. Consumptive Walt breaks my heart, as does Ray sneaking out of his room each morning, and Ray sleeping on the bedroll beside of him in the kitchen. It's heartbreaking. I love that you worked in Pappy getting his foot shot, and Trombley still being a dog killing psycho. I just never would have expected the depth of Trombley's betrayal.

The end was phenomenally beautiful, and so quiet and still! I have faith that Brad and Nate are going to get on the next train to Boston, that they'll arrive there, and they'll somehow make a happier life together. I love the idea of the four of them traveling to Europe, Walt's TB not ailing him as much, and they'll just... enjoy the world, and be together.

This is lovely, thank you so much for sharing this with us! I love it!
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